June 2, 2011

What a Relief....

I finally created something....I can't believe I haven't posted anything since mother day. I just have been going thru a dry spell. Not working on anything exciting. Until yesterday. It was my day off and I was determined to do something. So I got out my thrift store find(of a few months ago) hehe. It was a 5 yard piece for 5.oo. It is hard to tell but the background is a light yellow.
I decided to make cushions for my porch swing.

These are the cushions that I got at a garage sale a few years ago.

Here is the finish. I like the way they turned out. Not sure how long they will stay pretty. There is now cover or roof and I can't wait for the dogs to find them.

The blue fabric was also a thrift store find. Three yards for 3.00. The swing was on the curb and we brought it home and painted it. I made pillows for the swing and cushions for the wicker thrift store chairs. The set of chairs were 5.00. I just love this thrift store. I hope you have been creative. It sure makes you feel good....doesn't it?

Next on the to do list...on a sunny day....is to paint the shutters. I founds a nice brown that I think will look nice. Til next time. Have fun and enjoy the things that make you smile. Lisa

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