August 21, 2010

Results of Friday nite sew in

I was able to work on the wall hangings tonight. I pieced the borders and attached them, fused on some of the items and most of the blanket stitching on mine. I think I will give the other to my mom to put her finishing touches on it. She will enjoy it. Now it is off to bed. Another 10 hour day at work tomorrow. Hope you all had a fun evening of sewing. Nite!

August 20, 2010

Friday night sew in

Tonight is the night. I am planning to work on two wallhanging. They have an autumn theme. One is for me and the other is for my mom. I haven't decided if I should do all of hers or let her finish the hand work and quilting. She loves quilting but doesn't like to pick out the fabrics. I love that part. What do you think? Should I do the whole thing or give it to her to finish? If you want to join in on the sew in tonight go to and join in. I hope I will still get something done...I can't start til about 9:00pm after I get home from working 10 hours on my feet. How long do you think the quilting will Nite!

August 18, 2010

The New Toilet

Larry and I both wanted a high tank toilet but didn't want to spend the money for one. Surprise surprise.... So he decided to make one. This is what we came up with. There is two chains that you pull to flush the toilet. #1 and #2...Get it! Just one more thing that makes me smile. Does that mean I have a sick mind?Anyway... To cover all the plumbing he wanted to incase it all with wood. We had run out of stain when I was doing the cabinets...I didn't save the can....Thought I had the same I am going to try to fix this today. I don't like the way it looks now. I think I am going to paint over the stain with flat black paint with a dry brush. I thought it might look neat to make the tank cover look like an old crate. It seems like everything in this bathroom has been a do-it over and over again type of deal. So here we go again. Take two....or is it Four?

Some new goodies

Here are some new goodies that I picked up. The basket is wonderful. I just love the dark color. I picked it up tonight on the way home from work. It was on the curb. I am hoping to make a liner for it and put it in my laundry room. The tulips were from the thrift store. Then the two picture frames(50 cents each), the sheep($4), stars(1.25)each were all garage sale finds from Sat. before work. I thought I might paint the frames black and make some wool applique type thing to put in them. Pumpkins etc. for fall . The sheep is going into the new bathroom.

August 16, 2010

Painting the Bathroom

I am happy to report that we were able to paint the bathroom tonight. We are almost done. This has truely been a LONG journey. I am so excited to that the end is in sight. Items left on the TO DO LIST: Finish the shower surround, finish the faucets, Put a sealer on the beam for the ceiling. ( I am hoping to put that on on Wed.) and seal the tile floor in the shower. Then the baseboards and decorating. Well I guess we still have a way to go. But we are getting there slowly. I am really excited about how it is turning out though. We wanted something original and I think we are going to have a truely unique master bath when we finish. I can't wait to show some pictures but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Good night.
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