October 1, 2010

Meet the new additions to our Family

We have two new pets. The Blue one is a male, Yellow/green one is a girl. I need to come up with some cute names for them. I was thinking to continue the theme that we have going with the Lee's-Carlee, Maddie and Marley. They seem pretty happy here. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Well my vacation starts tonight at 8:00p.m. YES! more like 8:30 by the time I leave but who's counting? right? I am going to take a tablet with me today and start making a list of the things I would like to work on. Fun things mostly. You know the saying all work and no play makes me a grouchy girl. I think that is how the old saying goes. lol. I hope you are having a good day and that you have a wonderful weekend.

September 30, 2010

Need Rug Hooking Advise please

So here it the new project. This is my new Camera case with room for my wallet and essentials.
This is the swan I drew out last night. The plan is to cover the ugle wood top to the basket.

Here are some of the colors I took out of my "Little" stash. Lite blue for the sky, couple creams for the swan, black for eye and beak, and three blues ( one didn't show up very well) The advise comes with how do you make pretty water/waves? I have seen you all use numerous colors all together. How do you plan it? I hope this is making sense. I would appreciate any advise. I also am wondering how I will treat the edge. Has anyone ever sewn fabric on and turned a rug?
I hope I don't make too many mistakes at work today... I think my mind might be on something else rather than work. Thanks.

September 29, 2010

Another Good Day

I am happy to report that the countdown that I am on is going GrEAt!!! I am right on schedule. I have the house cleaned(just a few last minute things) I got the groceries for our meals, Planning the meals was the hardest part.
We were able to do some finishing touches on the new bathroom. Hung up some new things on the walls, took down the old temporary shower curtain. Yeppeee!!! and thru it away! I feel so good that I was able to get so much done.
I also went to the thrift store today and found two wicker chairs for $5.00 ea. I have to paint them but they felt very sturdy. I also got a couple pieces of wool.
I hope what ever you did today it made you smile! Good night!

Today there was a breakthru!

Well folks, If you have been here before, most likely you have read about the never ending bathroom project that Larry and I have been on. It seems like we have had one issue after another when it comes to this project. You may also know that my mother in law and two sister in laws are coming down this weekend. We really wanted to get the bathroom done. So monday night I came home early from work and we hoped to get so much done. What happened though was just the opposite. The plumbing that we were working on gave us nothing but problems. Larry would fix one leak only to find that we had another. So frustrating. So tonight I have to admit that I was dreading the project on my drive home.... What would tonight bring?

Halleluia!!! Things went so well... I almost have to pinch myself to believe it! We were able to get all the leak issues taken care of. We got the glass wall in the shower installed. The silicon sealer was installed. The plan for my day off tomorrow is to take down the temporary shower curtain and the rod system that we put up over our slipper tub. I have hated it since we put it up. I would never have thought that it would have been up this long. It is coming down and it is going in the trash and I am pretty sure no matter where you live in the U.S. or abroad you will probably hear the shouting where you are. lol. If all goes well tomorrow after cleaning there will be some new pics to share. Wish me luck. Good night all.

September 28, 2010

It's Raining!

I know it sounds really weird but I hope it rains for two days. We need rain so bad in my neck of the woods. I slept so peacefully listening to rain on the rooftop. I hope my pond is filling up.

I also thought of another advantage of the rain. I think it is raining hard enought to wash my car off. The restaurant that I work at is doing some construction. The blowing dust is terrible. All our cars have a new layer of dust and dirt on them everyday. I will be able to see my car's true color today.

I hope you are enjoying something today also. Have a good day.

September 26, 2010

The Countdown Begins!!

Larry and I are having visitors this Friday. His mother and two sisters are coming for a visit from Michigan. It is just a short visit, they will get here Friday evening and stay in a hotel fri and sat nights and go back home sometime on Sunday. I always use visitors for great motivation to clean alittle better than normal. So here we go....I started last night picking up my sewing area. I have alot to do. Since we are stilllllll working on the bathroom we have sheets of drywall, tools you name it, it is sitting out. Cuz we just might need it until we get finished...I just love those words. If I had a penny for everytime I have heard it since this project started. lol.

So anyway, I am going to try to be picking things up and staightening up all week so that it won't be so bad on Wed( my day off) to get the job done. Wish me luck.
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