October 22, 2014

Ever feel like being creative but not know where to start?

Well that is my state of mind tonight.  I have been sitting in my sewing room for about an hour now...... Still nothing done!   Well I did switch the laundry around.  Lol. Does that count? 

I keep telling myself to work on my new scrap quilt project.  But somehow that doesn't sound like fun.  I think it will be cute once I get some more colors done. Right now there is too much repetition.  

I love a simple churn dash!

I think I should have spent the last hour cleaning my sewing room up. Right now it is a bit of a mess. 

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn't have anything exciting to show. I just figured I should post something to get the ball rolling.  Hopefully it won't be a year and a half between posts. Wow. Where did that time go? Nite:)
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