August 10, 2011

one step I going forward?

Today is my day off and the plan is.....not to leave the house until it is clean and in order....I know. I might never leave again....hehe. Anyway. I remembered that I didn't drop the mail off at the post office last night. So I got dressed and loaded the three dogs in the car and off we went. I looked at the wrong day on the outside box. I thought they would pick it up at noon. It was 11:45 at that time. Sounds good....let the letters fall...then realize that it is on sat. that it is picked up at not til 5:00. Bummer. So decided oh well, nothing I can do now. Just go home and make the best of the rest of the day....How positive is that.....Just as I turn the corner to pull in the driveway what do I see pull up in front of my house.....You guessed it....The mail truck. So thus my post title.. I am not sure if what I am doing is techniqely going forward or if I am making holding circles. I will keep you posted. lol.
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