February 20, 2011

Too many things to do...not enough time

This is one of my newest projects that I have started. I often have more than one going at a time but right now I have a ton of things to finish. But I am going to try to stay positive. hehe. Isn't this a wonderful pattern. I just love it. I worked on it a couple of nights so far. I have some of the house blocks ready to blanket stitch the windows and doors on.
I thought I would give you an idea of the colors that I went with. I think I am going to iron on the pieces that are ready and put the floss and stuff in a basket and take it upstairs so that when I sit on the couch I can have something ready.

This is a pattern I got a couple weeks ago and didn't want to wait to start it. Go figure! I think I am going to use a more pink than red wool for the geraniums.

This is a blurry shot of some of my new thrift store wool finds.

Here are a few others. I just love the blue plaid. What a deal...a long skirt for 50 cents. Yippee

Here is a shot of the babies. I can't wait to take out that basket and wash it. The bird poop is all over it. I was able to wipe off a bunch(after this picture of course) but it needs some work. It is funny to watch them all try to get in there together. The darkest one is the youngest. He just got out of the nest for the first time on Friday.

I tried to get a shot of the babies. The one in the middle is the last one out of the nest. He is sooo little.

This one has such pretty coloring.

Here they are on the bottom of the cage. They are all eating on their own now. The parents still feed them once in awhile but it is fun to see them imitate their parents.

If they would only sit still once in awhile so I could get a good picture for once would be really nice. I won't hold my breath for that one.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I hope you will get a bunch of things done on your list today. Have fun!

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