December 16, 2010

A few more pictures

Here is Maddee sniffing around the outhouse. This is a shed that Larry and I made out of old wood from a real two seater.
This is outside the back door.

I was able to make swags for all my windows this year. I found the ribbon at the thrift store for 3.oo. I was planning on buying some of the garland that they had. It was 3.00 a piece. I would have had to buy quite a few and just didn't want to spend too much money so.....I went home. I was mad at myself because now I had ribbon but no garland or greenery. I was almost home...kicking myself the whole way when I happened to see something on the curb. It was a rubbermaid tub with a pole sticking out. I turned the car around...What did I find? A huge christmas tree. Jackpot. Now I had to get this huge thing in my car.
I used some old pinecones and some various evergreens that I had on hand. I was happy with the way they turned out. I figured out that I had made 6 swags for the windows, two swags for the gates for our fence, 1 on the outhouse all for under 10.00. I used the tree branches for the dining room table all over the house and I still have more in the rubbermaid tub. That must have bee a huge tree.

this is the other side of the back doors. Look more branches.

Here is a shot of Carlee with one of my birthday balloons. She will roll it around till she can grab the tied end. She carries it all over the house. I just love her. Hope you are having a nice evening!

December 15, 2010

The Living Room

Here is the beginning of the living room tour. This is the little grouping behind the loveseat. The little house was a gift from my brother and his girlfriend. I have it all sitting on my late grandmother's ironing board.
The little face on this snowman makes me smile everytime I look at him. I wish the picture was alittle clearer.

Here is the big tree in the living room. I have all snowman ornaments on this one. I wanted something alittle different this year so I added some hydrangeas and baskets.

I purchased a snowman ornament like this one and decided to make more myself. Very easy.

I found these little snowmen at the thrift store. I think I should write our names on them. I found the little blue balls at the thrift store( 75cents for all)

This too was copied from an ornament that I purchased then made more myself.

The pile of snowballs was made from styrofoam balls, sand and some patience. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I will continue the rest of the room next time. Lisa

December 12, 2010

The tour continues

Today's tour begins on top of my cabinet in the dinning room. This is right behind the tree that I showed yesterday. Just added some pine and some cones...and a nativity.

This is our back door. I tried to take a picture of my cool yard sale finds. They are wreaths I got for a dollar a piece , just added a bow. Yeah!

This is on the wall opposite the cabinet. This is a little desk I got at the thrift store a couple years ago. This is where Larry drops all his stuff at the end of his work day. I just noticed that this picture show our very cluttered closet. Opps. I wish I had cropped that out. lol.

Oh that is nice the quilt hides the mess in this picture. lol This year I tried to use my same old Chirstmas decorations differently. I tried not to put anything in the same spot as last year. I was suprised at how much fun that turned out to be. I really didn't have that many new things this year but it all felt new since I changed things up alittle.

This is my little sewing machine beside our dinning table. I just love this quilt. This was the first quilt that I quilted on my handi- quilter. I was scared to death. I was so afraid I was going to mess it up. I just love how it turned out.

This little santa was a gift exchange gift years ago. I still love to look at it....I hope you enjoyed the tour of the dinning room. More to come..... have a good day. Lisa

Today was wonderful

Today was a day of celebration with family and friends. I was so afraid that the threat of bad weather would keep everyone away......however, we had a great turn out. Today we had a birthday party for Larry and I. My birthday was on friday and his is tomorrow. What better excuse to have people over right? Everyone brought great food to share and we had a very memorable day. I of course forgot to take pictures...the camera was even out and on the table. I just don't know if I will ever get better at this. I am pretty sure I come by it genetically. My mom is the same But since it just isn't a fun post without some pictures.....Here is some pictures of the tree in the dinning room.
I was trying to decide what to use for a topper and thought of this pillow that was moved out of the room to make room for the Christmas stuff.
I didn't have enough ornaments so I raided my basement. I just love baskets. This one with the greenish blue was a gift from my friend Maribeth. It is a Boyd's Bear Basket. I didn't even know they did baskets.

It still needed something so I took apart an arrangement of dried yarrow and put it in the tree.

I grabbed a few birdhouses and called it a day.

Just thought I would throw one in of our "little man" He just can't get close enough to Larry. Larry has such patience.

I hope you all had as good of a day as we have had. Try to stay warm......Lisa

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