January 28, 2011

Oh my!

Well the baby count is now three. They are so cute. I tried to get some pictures but mom doesn't want to leave the nest. I was even touching her tail feathers that were at the edge of the cage and she still didn't budge. I am so happy that she is feeding them and all is going so well. I am really glad I didn't throw out the eggs. lol.

We went to the auction and there was nothing there we were even remotely interested in. bummer. So we decided to just go and eat. On the way I saw a Goodwill so we turned around and went in. I just love that about my husband. He had no problem turning around and going back. Whether it is something on the curb or a store, whatever. He is so good to me. We were discussing tonight that Feb. 11th will be the ten year anniversary of when we met. Awwwww. I was waiting tables and he was my first table of the day. I was finished with my shift at 2:30 and he was still at the table working on his laptop. 7:00-2:30! I didn't make much money turning that table over. lol. I was all done and I said "No rush, I am done for the day. I am going to go and have something to eat but I will check back with you and see if you need anything." his response was....why don't you get something to eat and sit down here. Yipee. We sat there til 5:30 talking.(he did most of the talking) He walked me to my car, I gave him my number and the rest is history. It was fun talking about all this tonight.

I didn't find anything at Goodwill by the way. I hope you are all staying warm. Thanks for stopping by. I will try to get some good pictures soon. Have a good night. Lisa

And then there was two.

Yep, you heard right. I woke up this morning to another little baby finch. The first baby still doing well. I could actually hear it's little chirp this morning. Mom is taking good care of them.

Today should be a fun day. I only have to work until 4. I will meet Larry after work and we are going to an auction and then out to dinner. Sounds like fun to me.

I hope you have a fun day today. Thanks for stopping by. Lisa

January 27, 2011

It's a Baby!

Well....We have a baby finch everyone. This will have been the second of ten eggs to have hatched. The first one didn't live.
But this one is still doing well. Sorry but it is very hard to get a good picture. I have to get up on the ladder and try to hold the camera over my head and try to get a good shot. I told it to hold still, smile and say cheese. None of which they did. I hope you can make out the little guy(Or girl) It's little eyes are not open yet. It sure can open it's little mouth though. hehe
Here is mama and the baby. I just think this is soooo cute. Hope you are staying warm and having a good evening. I am. Good night.

January 26, 2011

How was your day?

Here is a shot of Maddee resting after a long day. How cute.
Today was a fun day at the thrift store. I found some cute fabric. It was various small segments from a 1/4 yard to a yard. 25 cents-1.00 for the yard. Yippee. They all go pretty well together. Just might have to look into a wall hanging or something.

I worked in the sewing/craft room a little. I changed the way things were arranged on the shelves and changed out the fabric. I am happy with how they are looking.
There is still alot to do but it is definitely better that it was.

I just hung up a couple things. I used the nails that were already in the wall since when I did this part it was 1:30 in the morning. I didn't think Larry would appreciate the hammer at that hour.

This is my paper caddy. I love how easy and accessible it is. We made it out of an old file cabinet. It is the kind that you use hanging folders with. We spray painted a wire basket and hooked it to the wheeled cabinet and voila. I love it and when I don't need it I just roll it under the table. I hope you had fun today. Did you get any thing crafty done? If so let me know. Thanks for stopping by. I hope my story didn't bore you. Lisa

January 25, 2011

I think a bomb went off in my craft/sewing room.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by an area in your life? I have to admit that that is how I have been feeling about my craft room. It seems that since Christmas I have just been piling things up in there and not putting any thing away. (I am sure that is obvious by the pictures).
Here is another embarrassing shot.
This pile is what is supposed to be the top of my ironing/work station. It is hard to believe but it is under there somewhere.

Those pictures were taken on Sunday evening. I decided to start(and I emphasize Start) to organize and pick up this room. I thought if I showed some of the embarrassing before pics I would be more apt to actually finish. Sooooo.

This is what I worked on tonight after work. I was able to clear off my work area.

Here is another angle. Oh there is still so much more to do....

I picked up my stamp area also. I know that I would be sooo much more productive if this room was organized and the creative juices would just flow. So tomorrow night into Wed.(my day off) I am hoping to get a lot more done. I am counting on you wonderful blog buddies to hold my to it. So cross your fingers for me. I hope you are having fun with whatever you choose to do tonight. P.s. please don't call "Hoarders" I promise I will clean this up. lol.

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