July 4, 2012

A new place for some wool.

There are some changes going on around here. One of the changes involves moving the wool to a new area. We are finally using some of our "finds". These are two ladders that were in the trash. We also brought home some old barn boards and have had them resting in the basement, waiting for their new start. Today they became my shelves.
This area is in our basement, close to our laundry area. I am making room in my craft room for my mom's things. She will be moving in as soon as our room addition is completed.

She loves to sew, quilt and rubber stamp just like I do. She wanted to keep her craft stuff with mine. Sounds good to me. So last week we found a spot for her sewing machine. Cleared off the craft work table and made some room. This is going to be fun. We have always motivated each other and now we will be under the same roof. I am excited for what the future holds.

Thanks for stopping by my little site. I am hoping it won't be so long til my next post. Hope you are having a nice holiday. Lisa

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