January 9, 2012

Well, the christmas decorations are put away.

Today I took a day off. I spent most of the day putting the christmas stuff away. I put things up in a different place just to make it feel like I had some new stuff. hehe. The funny thing is that that simple trick works on my little mind.

I will be happy when things get back to normal. Do you think they will? The first week of the year has not been the greatest. We found a new home for Trixie. It really felt like we were failing....we are used to rescuing animals not giving them away. But it just wasn't going to work with Trixie(the parrot) She would squawk all day if she wasn't let out of the cage and when she was out of the cage she would bite us so that we would be afraid to let her out around my mom. When she moves in it would be awful to put her thru noise all day. We found a wonderful bird lady....she has so many awesome birds. She said she would take trixie and we dropped her off on Jan. 1. The next day she called and said trixie had died. She hadn't made another sound after we dropped her off. The next morning she squawked really loud and she got her out of the cage and put her on her chest....and she just died right then. I just feel so bad that we let her down.

The next day Larry recked his company truck. Thankfully no one was hurt...just the sign at the side of the road. Still not a great week.

Sunday, Maddie had another seizure. It only lasted about 8 minutes and she has been great ever since. I know things could be so much worse.....I just wish they would be sooo much better.

The contractor comes on wed. to give us an idea about the room addition. Hopefully, that will be some good news. Cross your fingers. Sorry if this has been a downer of a post. I do feel better just to type it and get it off my chest. Thanks for listening. I hope things are going well for you in your neck of the woods. Thanks for stopping. I will have something fun next time....I promise. Lisa
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