August 14, 2010

Such a Lovely Place

Larry and I visited this wonderful place. I thought I would post it for a day or so. This is what we hope our little shed will look like once we get it stained and it ages a little. It is so peaceful. It is definately one of the things that make me smile. Good night.

August 11, 2010

I love wednesdays!

I work for a large restaurant and they are closed on wed. and sun....therefore I love wed. and sun. I had grand plans for my day off. I was going to get up before it got too hot and vacumn my car, wash the windows and take it to the car wash. I then planned on running errands and end the day at my company picnic. Well.... I didn't do any of those things except the picnic. I did however get to go to one of my favorite country stores and look around and I did get to go to the thrift store. I found some cute salt and pepper shakers.

Larry went to bed early so I got alittle more done on the rug. Eventhough it was not as planned I still had a very good day off. I looked at so many wonderful blogs. So many things to get the creative juices flowing. lol. Hope you enjoyed your day...whatever it had to offer.

August 9, 2010


Just picked up the sept/oct. issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. I can't decide which one to work on first. I liked so many things in this issue. I think I might have to sleep on this decision. Maybe I can dream of quilts this way. Good night!

August 8, 2010

A little bit closer to the finish

I enjoyed my day off today. I was able to work on my rug, get caught up on my laundry. I also prepared the wool that I bought at the thrift store. Now I just need to felt it. Larry and I spent time clipping all three of our dogs. They just love to get a hair cut. Yah right...I also made another batch of zucchini blueberry bread. I love this stuff.

I hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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