July 17, 2011

a few shots from today

Larry and I went on the annual pond tour today. The proceeds benefit a local hospital. I thought I would share a few pics. I just loved the first pond. They had a wonderful yard.
I thought the colors here were wonderful

This is one of the tiers to his pond. It was breathtaking. My photography not so much. But it gives you an idea of what we were experiencing.

This beauty was along his driveway.

This was another pond. The water was soooo clear. This one was designed by a 13 yr old. I think they did a wonderful job. They had some big fish.

As far as any work getting accomplished. Not so much. I thought that going and seeing all these pretty ponds might give me some ambition to weed around our ponds......I did pull a few. It is just so dry here they were all breaking off. I did however see that we have a chance of rain everyday next week. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. On to another week. Have fun. Lisa

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