October 6, 2010

A Change of Plans

The original plan was to cover my new found basket/ camera case with the swan hooked rug that is in the bottom of the first picture. Isn't it funny how pets always have to lay on your craft projects? I am not sure if funny was the right word? Anyway, today I couldn't figure out how to do it so I decided to not waste anymore time and try something else.
This is what I came up with. I just did a crazy patch for the top piece.
I lined the inside with some extra batting for my camera.

I made a coordinating checkbook cover/wallet. I was hoping to do something with rug hooking but it just didn't seem to work out. Oh well, maybe next basket.

October 4, 2010

It has been a good day

I am glad that so many little things got done today. I started out the day working on my rug. I am really enjoying this new frame. While I was enjoying the morning my two dogs were trying to get a chipmunk or something out from under our outhouse. I am sure the critter was long gone but ding and dong sure didn't think it was gone. Carlee was so dirty when she came in. I thought since it was pretty chilly I would wait til it warmed up a little to give her a bath. A few minutes later she came in dripping wet. She was hot so she went for a swim in the pond. So that was it she went in for her bath right them. Then it was Marley's turn then Maddie. Fun Fun Fun.

I also got to go to the thrift store, found a few things. Came home and weeded some flower beds. Then Larry came home and we put the nets over the ponds and waterfall to keep the leaves out. It has been a great day. I hope you had a good day too.

October 3, 2010

New project

I am glad to report that our visit with Larry's family went very well. They decided to start for home around 1:00 this afternoon. His mom was pretty tired by all this. I think she had a good time though.
I had my parents over for an early dinner. I decided to draw up a new project. I still have alot left to do on the swan, but I can't really do any more til Larry gets the top finished sooooo on to the next thing. Here it is. What do you think? The plan is to put this on the floor in our new bathroom. It measures 23X27. I think that will be a nice size. I hope you are enjoying the end of the weekend!

Day 1 of Vacation

I ended a good day working on my swan. I am happy with the water but not so sure about the swan. I am not sure if anyone else will realize that it is a swan.
Here is a shot of Larry and his mom today. We all had a nice visit and I am looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. (I guess it already is tomorrow.) Have a good night!
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