August 5, 2010

I need some inspiration

I want to do something but I don't know just what. Have you ever been in one of those moods. I hate when this happens. Either I can't think of anything or I think of too many things and get overwhelmed. I am a mess! My husband never seems to have this happen to him and he is unable to get it. He is always working on something and always seems to have a neverending list of ideas in his head. I need to be more like him in this area (I think)
Is anyone out there starting something new? The funny thing is that I am pretty sure that no one else even looks at this blog, so I would probably have better luck getting some motivation from my dog that is sleeping in the chair next to me. lol


  1. We must be soul sisters because I think we are a lot alike. I have many things going at once and some days (like today) I just don't know what I want to do. So, I'm on the computer. My husband's name is Larry and as I was skimming past posts of your, I noticed that you are a back seat driver sitting in the passenger side. Well, me too. But, now I just do most of the driving (hate big cities though) and he just rides along. He prefers it this way so he doesn't have to hear my comment on his tailgating, etc. So, I hope you and I both, can figure out what we want to do this evening and get it done. I'll check back with you later.

  2. I may not always comment, but I do read your blog! I find that most people who read don't leave comments. I know exactly how your feeling. I find this happens most when I have too many things going and not finishing anything and then I'm just overloaded and shut down. For me, cleaning my sewing room and getting organized seems to help this feeling go away. Hope you have a good and productive :) weekend!


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