March 21, 2011

Here is the mama sitting on the nest/basket. She is the one one the left. One of the babies is sitting next to her and the other two sitting on the branch are the babies too. It is fun to see their colors change. The one cream color one is changing alot now. It's little cheeks are turning orange. I think it will be a male but it is alittle soon to tell for sure.
Here is Carlee checking out the new quilt I found at the thrift store on wed. I think she approves of the purchase. I started to scold myself for buying another quilt cuz I didn't even know what I was going to do with it. However, I have an idea to use it as a cover for the hammock out in the yard this spring. That is one of my goals this actually have a place to take a nap in the nice spring breeze. Don't you think I will dream some nice dreams on top of this one? I do.
I thought I would show off my little surprise from this morning. I got to see one of my new batch while it was hatching. I couldn't believe it....I looked in and thought one of the eggs looked cracked.....then it registered....It is cracked.....I ran and got the camera and got to see this little guy arrive. There was already one that had hatched. That is the head in the middle. You can just barely see the new baby's little head under the shell.

I was really cute to see it move around with the shell stuck to the top of it's head. I don't think he thought it was very funny though.

Unfortunatly one didn't make it in the other cage. It was on the bottom of the cage tonight along with one of the eggs. So in the other cage I have two hatched one to go. In the cage shown above I think I have four babies and five eggs left. Jeepers. I am going to have a pet store before long. I hope you are having a good evening. I think I am off to bed. One more visit to the chiropractor and my arm still going numb and now I have a nagging pain in my shoulder blade area. I just know I didn't have this pain before I went to the doctor. Now it is worse than any numbness ever was. I hope I won't feel so discouraged in the morning. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say hello. Lisa


  1. You are getting close to having a pet store! Great photos of the hatching.

  2. They are so cute, Lisa... sorry about the one that didn't make it. I would have shed a few tears over that.
    I dream of a hammock too... I think it would be so neat to have some nice shade trees to take wonderful naps inside a hammock... *sigh*..
    I hope you get some relief with your arm and shoulder soon... I know it has to be so discouraging. ((HUGS))

  3. Lisa, what great timing for you to be there to see that little one hatch!
    Love your quilt. Hope you share what your plans are with it.
    Sure hope you feel better soon. My husband had numbness in his hand and it was cold to the touch. luckily he said he finally popped something in his neck and it brought it back to normal. It did take a while though. I hope the doctor can find that right spot for you!

  4. Sorry about your arm pain ~ I hope you get relief SOON!!! Are you able to hook?

  5. Hope you find some relief for your arm soon! Great pics of the hatching. and Lisa, one can never have too many quilts - never ever!

  6. What fun to watch a hatching. You are well on your way to a little aviary! Your quilt is a great find! Imagine, weather nice enough to nap outside!!
    Hope the arm feels much better soon!

  7. Lisa ~
    I hope your arm feels better soon!
    You sure are getting quite the collection of feathered friends. Are they noisy?
    Pug hugs :)

  8. the quilt AND the babies!!! I had canary's once and tried to raise them but never managed to accomplish it. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Look at all those beautiful babies. You are going to have a pet store for sure :) So awesome you got to see the hatch too. Love the quilt! I sure hope you feel better. Nothing worse than, back, neck or shoulder pain. It’s so hard to fix sometimes too :(

  10. how sweet are they by now they must of got pretty big. I hope your feeling better.


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