April 20, 2011

Some things checked off the to do list.

I have been looking for some kind of towel holder for our master bath. I didn't want to normal kind...I wanted some kind of a drying rack instead. So a while back I found one. Yipee. The only problem was that it was missing some of the racks/sticks. So on sunday Larry took it apart and rearranged them so you would never know that any were missing. I am happy with the results. I think an old feed sack of something would look good on the empty one. Well see.
I finally got the binding sewn on my rug. I was alittle apprehensive about putting it on the floor with 3 dogs and a husband in the house. hehe. I thought I might hang it up in the living room. Not sure if that is going to be it's home yet. I think it still needs something. As you can tell by the dust on the chandelier....Spring cleaning hasn't made it to the living room yet. Look at that dust. What I want to know is who disturbed the dust layer anyway? Now it is really noticably. hehe

I have been doing some hand stitching in the evening. I have really enjoyed it. I have found that the key to "me" getting anything done is to get everything like thread, pins scissors etc all in a basket all ready to go. Then I will actually get it done. I plan to get another pile of stuff ready today.

Before work I decided to cut up some of my latest thrift store wool. Now it is all ready to be felted. Not sure if I will work on that today or not. We will see. It is still windy and rainy here. I just can't believe all the rain we have been having. Gee wiz....enough already. I hope you enjoyed stopping by and that you are having a good day. Stop back, Lisa


  1. what a great idea lisa for your towel rack! that is so inspiring! cute little bunnies and flowers on your wool...have a great day and come on by if you get a chance.

  2. You are busy. Good fix on the towel rack. It looks great there.
    Love the stitching.

  3. Lisa ~
    Glad to see you are blogging more often!
    Love the old drying rack. I had one that I sold when I moved to my current home ~ probably shouldn't have...lol!
    The rug looks great. I think that's the perfect spot.
    Keep on hookin',
    Hugs :)

  4. love the idea of using it as a towel rack - very cool! What dust - my eyes are programmed not to see dust

  5. I love the towel rack Lisa- that is really cute!
    And about the dust- I don't even want to think about Spring cleaning yet! (Even though I better because our windows are so dirty I can't even see out .. UGH)
    Looks like your hands have been keeping busy- those are wonderful!
    Hope you have a good weekend, dear.


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