August 25, 2011

Selling on Ebay

Well, I have been planning to sell my old barbie stuff on ebay. Some of the things that I have from the early 70's are selling for a nice price. I just am so intimidated by the whole thing though. I just hate that.....being a sissy and all. (don't tell anyone...I have been hiding it very well.) I think the part that worries me the most is figuring out what to charge for shipping. I was looking at what others were charging and it ranged from 9.99 to 70 something. that is a big difference for the same item.

I have everything and it is in pretty good shape. I would like to get as much as I can(of course). however, I truely enjoyed all of these toys. I got more than my moneys worth on all of them already....Anything would be better than having them sitting in the basement. right?

I just needed to vent alittle. Maybe if anyone has any advice I would be thrilled. I have taken pictures and all but it is all sitting on my quilting tables and I am started to feel the walls coming in on me. I need to get this moving.

I have been working on my quilt and just need to put the borders on. I hope to have something to show you soon.

Good news. Trixie(my new bird) hasn't bit me in two days now. Yippee. She was on a biting streak for 4 days in a row. Bummer. Hope to have some pics soon. Have a good weekend. I can't believe it is here again. Lisa


  1. Lisa - don't let eBay scare you - the form is pretty straight forward you follow to sell. Shipping is easy - on the "ebay" form you enter it in there is a place where you pick what you want "priority", parcel, whatever and you just need to enter a weight and mark box or envelope or whatever - the person buying enters their zip and it figures it out. In your "ad" be sure to honest with what you see as the condition and that it isn't new and you are selling "as-is" basically - if there are any flaws just note them - i found just being honest is the best way like that - And something that works for me is a standard "blurb" about how and when I ship, a standard "no returns, as-is unless blah blah blah", etc. Also, I enter my info on the description in a word document before i go to ebay so i can cut and paste it over. That way i can keep copying the "standard" so i don't have to keep re-typing it. Make sense?

  2. Glad to hear Trixie is behaving so far, Lisa!
    I've sold a few things on ebay~ a couple of them were quite heavy and I used the "shipping calculator"~ you just weigh the item (or guesstimate) and if someone is interested in the item they put their zip code in to figure out the shipping costs. Or just use those new boxes from USPS that have a flat rate for the size of the box. ("If it fits, it ships!")

  3. You're not alone is being nervous about the whole Ebay thing. I want to start selling my yarn and maybe even rugs on Ebay or Etsy...I keep freezing up as well. I guess the only way is to jump in, expect some bumps, and look forward to a little extra cash coming in! Good luck!

  4. Lisa ~
    Years ago I sold a few things on eBay, but bought LOTS of stuff. Good thing I never kept track of what I spent or I might have gone in to cardiac arrest :)
    Please be upfront about shipping and don't gouge buyers. That was the one thing that I detested!
    Pug hugs :)


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