September 2, 2011


Thanks for the prayers. Don't know anything about my dad yet. They have been doing tests again today. Tues. he gets a heart monitor, off on thurs. More tests thurs and friday. His regular doctor said he is testing everything. If he has it they will find it. He was upset that the other doctor told him he thinks he has cancer without any evidence from a test. every test that he gave him came back negetive. He goes in for a cat scan next friday. Please keep up the prayers. They are greatly appreciated. Hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend. Lisa


  1. I'm glad the regular doctor was frustrated that someone gave you bad news before they even had a chance to run tests. Faith and a positive attitude are the best medicine for him while you wait. I'm sending healing white light and prayers to your Dad! Take good care this weekend.

  2. I ditto everything that Courtney said! Keeping him and your family in my prayers.


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