January 21, 2012

Things are looking up!

I am so relieved that things are starting to turn around at the Abbey House. January has been an aweful month for my husband and I and for my mom as well. Just everything was going wrong. I am not going to go in to it. I just am happy to say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mom is doing better, Larry and I are not sick anymore. Ohh happy day!

I hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. I hope you are staying warm wherever you are. Today was in the 20's, yesterday the teens and tomorrow in the 40's....no wonder we are all sick. hehe. Have a good night and thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambling. Lisa


  1. I can only imagine how hard the last month or two have been for all of you, Lisa~ so glad to hear things are getting better!
    We had a warm week last week and we're paying for it now because it's really bitterly cold here now... *sigh*..
    Oh well, it is January after all... *grin*

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear that you have had troubles. And glad to hear that your mom is better and you all are not sick.

    I love that photo. We are doing ok, hubby is having troubles but we will be ok.

    The weather here finally decided to do what it is supposed to do this time of year. We had snow all day and a few inches that stuck. Looks lovely outside. Sigh..

    Have a nice Sunday. Take care Janet W

  3. I'm glad you checked in!! It's good to hear from you. It's the pits when the whole household gets sick...seems to take forever to get the bug out of the house. I hope you all are on the mend...it's lighter later and let's look forward to warmth!

  4. Dear Lisa ~
    Thank you ever so kindly for popping by my blog, and for the sweet comment. Your best wishes are ever so welcomed!
    Upon visiting your corner of the world, I am delighted to read that your health, and that of your family is much improved.
    Until we visit together again, I wish you and yours much peace, light, and joy!
    Most warmly,

  5. Lisa ~
    Glad things are looking up! May February be even better.
    Love your new header pic!!!
    Hugs :)

  6. Glad things are looking up - what do they say - no way but up! Have a wonderful rest of the year!

  7. I am sorry to hear that it has been a bad winter. But glad you are on the mend. the winter has been mild but we did get 6 inches last night.

  8. Hope your spring will be better than old man winter treated you and yours.
    Thanks for stopping by it's nice to meet you :)


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