March 3, 2013

It sure has been awhile....

Well, how have you all been?  It has sure been a long time since my last post.  I have been checking in on you all.  I just haven't felt like I had anything to say. 

Today however, is a new day.  My husband and I always attend the Lake FarmPark Quilt show every year.  My mom and her bestfriend often go with us.  Today was a fun day.  I loved so many of the quilts that were on exhibit.  But this one stole my heart.  I read the label and she saw this quilt in a shop and knew she has to make it....but she doesn't mention the artist or the shop.  The label said Juley Sirianni made this one.  I just looooovvve it. If anyone knows the original artist and how I could get the pattern please let me know.

 This one was also stunning.  I unfortunatly I didn't get the name of the maker of this lovely one.
 I have been working on this beautiful wallhanging by Whimsicals.  This one makes my heart happy.
 I had started this one quite a while back and like way too many of my too was set aside.  I got it out last week and put some more together.  I just have the two big churn dash blocks to go.  I don't think I want it to be as big as the original.  I might leave off the top and bottom rows, and just do a simple border.  I just want to get it done before I loose ambition again.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope all is going well for you.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and will join me again.                                                                                              Lisa


  1. Lisa ~
    SO GOOD to hear from you! I love that project you are working on.
    Hugs :)

  2. The pattern you are looking for is "quilted village" designed by Janet Miller for The City Stitcher. You should be able to find it on line... It is pricey, but I love my finished quilt....


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