July 7, 2010

My Day Off.... What to do first?

I thought I would show you my latest thrift store finds. The christmas wreath was $7. It has lights on it already. The lantern was 25 cents, the dark pitcher was $1.25. I am really starting to get hooked on white pitchers. These two additions only cost 75 cents for both. What do you think of the topiary? I know it needs help with the pot. Well, it will be interesting to see where they find homes today.
Since it is going to be so hot outside I think I will work in the laundry room. Not only do I need to get caught up on the laundry... The actual room is a mess!!! I can't wait for our bathroom make over to be finished. All the plumbing had to be done in the laundry room, and the mess is still there. Today is the day to clean it up.

Hope you enjoy your day.

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