August 29, 2010

make it for monday

This is my first attempt to participate in this event. I hope that all will go well. Cross your fingers for me.

I thought I would show my cabinet in the kitchen that holds our dog food and all their treats.
We found it on the curb and brought it home. We were in my car and it would not fit in the trunk very well. My husband, who loves a challenge, put the back seats down flat, helped me rest the cabinet on the rim of the trunk, had me hold the cabinet while he climbed in the back seat, laying on his back he grabbed the cabinet and told me to get in and drive the 10 blocks or so to our home. Can you say the word "Hillbilly" I am sure we supplied our neighbors with a good laugh or two that day. But we were able to get home safely.
Next came paint. Now we have a place for all those wonderful treats for our little "kids".

1 comment:

  1. Whoo Hoo! Nothing like a curbside freebie to liven up the organizational needs of the home :) Love the black, and I can't believe someone just put it out there on the roadside. Lucky you!

    So glad you could Mi4M!


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