October 6, 2010

A Change of Plans

The original plan was to cover my new found basket/ camera case with the swan hooked rug that is in the bottom of the first picture. Isn't it funny how pets always have to lay on your craft projects? I am not sure if funny was the right word? Anyway, today I couldn't figure out how to do it so I decided to not waste anymore time and try something else.
This is what I came up with. I just did a crazy patch for the top piece.
I lined the inside with some extra batting for my camera.

I made a coordinating checkbook cover/wallet. I was hoping to do something with rug hooking but it just didn't seem to work out. Oh well, maybe next basket.


  1. Oh I LIKE it!!!! Good job and I like your helper there too!!!

  2. Wow, Lisa- very creative! I love it!


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