November 1, 2010

Bathroom update and My husband's sense of humor

Well, Yesterday we put our little birdie friends( who still don't have names) into a smaller cage. Larry has to do some work on their other cage.
Aren't they sweet sitting on the swing together? I hope no Lebron James fans are offended by the next picture. My husband thought that this particular article in the paper was perfect for the liner on the bottom of the cage.

We don't really follow sports but he found real humor in this.

We had to fill in a gap in the ceiling of our bathroom. We took part of the wall down. We thought if we hung a beam up we wouldn't have to patch the drywall. So the two of us put the beam in place. Well mostly Larry with a little (very Little) help from me. Unless screaming and saying alot of oh dears count.

I was mainly worried it would fall on the tub and break something. But it is up and no one got hurt. lol. Unfortunatly, we are still going to have to patch the drywall cuz it didn't cover it up. I guess I picked the more rounded edge to be the top and it rounds in so much that it doesn't cover all the seam. BUMMER! I wanted to suggest that we take it down and flip it over but I kept my mouth shut. I am very proud of myself.
We are one step closer to finishing the bedroom suite. Thank goodness. Now we need to touch up the drywall and paint. Yeah.... Can you feel the excitement?
Have a good week.

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  1. Lisa, you are a hoot! I can feel the excitement! *giggle*


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