November 24, 2010

What a Lonnngggg Day

Today we had to assemble the Thanksgiving Dinners that the customers will pick up in the morning. So my day started at 10am and ended at 1:50 am. Fun right? I got to sit down for a 10 minute break at 7:30pm. The rest of the time I was the final check for the dinners. So I stood on my feet all day and had to concentrate so much. Bummer. I got home and grabbed a bag of chips and sat in front of the computer. Now I am afraid that I might not be able to get up from this chair let alone make it up the steps. The sleeping bag that the dogs lay on down here is looking pretty good. Since I can barely keep my eyes open, I am going to try to make it upstairs. Wish me luck. I hope you had a nice day today!


  1. Lisa,
    Are these dinners for a local charity group? Sounds like an exhausting day, but for a good cause - to provide a thanksgiving meal to someone. I hope you made it off the chair and up the stairs and that maybe you even got to sleep late this morning.


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