November 21, 2010

It has been a good day

You might remember one of my latest thrift store finds. I just love it and am planning to have it on the dessert table for Thanksgiving. I think I am going to put some cookies in it. I just have to figure out what kind of liner I want to put in the bottom of the baskets. Any ideas?

I decided to make some of the cookies today since I had some free time. I made some pecan tarts, snowballs and some with andres mint chips.
Yummmmmmm. I am also planning on making a black cherry cheesecake, coconut macaroon brownies and of course, pumpkin pie.

In between baking and picking up the house I had to take a look at the new Country Sampler.

I thought I would show some of my progress on the rug. I am enjoying the border alot more than I thought I would. In the grass and sky areas I did it in chucks, the border I am trying to do it more spread out. I don't know if that makes any sense.... I like the borders this way.
I hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for stopping by and for the comments. I enjoy them. See ya soon!


  1. You are a fast hooker. You have a lot accomplished on that rug. Looking good.

  2. You could put doilies or even some of that shredded natural paper --like a nest. That would be cute. Your rug is wonderful and I want some cookies. Pecan tarts are my favorite!

  3. You're a busy one!! All those cookies ~ yum!!!! And your border looks great ~ nice squiggly lines!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!

  4. Good Lordy, Lisa- you've got my mouth watering talking about all the goodies you've made and are going to make- save me a piece of that cheesecake! LOL
    The rug is coming along great- I LOVE how it is taking shape!
    As far as the basket... Hmmmm... maybe line it with some festive fabric or something?
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend!


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