November 7, 2010

What will today bring?

I just had to post a picture eventhough I don't have anything exciting to talk about. I just thought I would show Maddee and her new teddy bear. She loves to lay down on my flowers. She finds them very cozy. She had been sleeping and I called her. When she looked over at me she still has a leaf stuck to her chin. I just love this girl.

Well, the advil is kicking in, the cramps are not so brutal. Hopefully, today will be a fun, creative and very productive day. I wish you the same. Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing my blog on your share list :)
    That's how I found you and I love your blog title and your doggies are wonderful. My dog, George, loves his teddy bears. They are always with him--he has 3 that he loves. Looking forward to readying more.
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. Awww.... Maddee is such a sweetheart! And she wears her leaf well! *giggle*


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