December 27, 2010

Christmas is over.

It has been a nice holiday....but I am relieved that it is over. Here is a shot of Carlee. She had fun helping Larry open his he gave her the bow. Thankfully she is better now. She was running around with Maddee up the street while Larry was plowing everyone's driveways. As she was running around she stepped on something and cut her foot pretty bad. It didn't stop her however...She was tracking blood a over the kitchen...thankfully wood floors clean up. We had to put a sock on her foot til it stopped bleeding. She is good as new.

She is already trying to figure out how to get to my Christmas presents....I got 4 finches for Christmas. They are on top of the entertainment center til we make another cage. She keeps moving the doors of the cabinet and looking behind. I know she is trying to figure out how to get them....she is a bird isn't like she can help it right?

I hope everyone has a good week. Lisa

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