January 1, 2011

Rain, Rain Rain-Isn't this January?

Well, it seems that there is strange weather everywhere. Snow in Arizona, tornadoes in Arkansas, cold temperature down south and it is warm and raining here. I am definately not complaining. I love rain alot better than snow. Poor Larry has been on call for 2 weeks and hasn't had to go until this morning at 4am he got THE call. He was looking on the bright side and said Hey, at least it is warm out. I think he might change his mind since it started raining. Ooops I think this is a great thought but I am not sure that my furry friends are going to do any of this. Even as I am down loading pictures for this post...Maddee came downstairs soaking wet. Nice..... She keeps nudging me with her cold, wet head..If there are any mis-typed words we will all blame her. She won't care.
All the snow is melted. Things don't look too pretty right now.

Here is a picture of one of the couples....He is mad cuz his eyes where closed in this shot. hehe.

Here are the expecting couple. I had laughed when I saw them take the little snippets of wool that I put in there and started their nest. They started building just in time. Yesterday morning there was an egg in the basket.

Later on there were two. So far today no new additions. It was funny though...As soon as I got up I went and checked on everyone. They were all four in the one basket. How funny. By the time I got my camera everyone was up and eating and moving about. I am not sure what she is saying to me. I swear no sound was coming out. I think she was just giving me her "Don't mess with me" look. Too cute.

I spend last night after dinner hooking. I have the border done and I have decided to just continue the green all around the Simplify part. I was going to do another color but I think I will just use the same greens. I hope to get this done today. Cross your fingers for me. I hope you have a day filled with all that makes you smile. See ya soon!


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  1. We've had tons of rain here too, Lisa- almost 3 inches since last night. Everything around here is so sloppy...
    I love your wipe your paws rug- I saw one similar to that at Home Depot and thought is was just too cute.
    Your little lovebirds are adorable... have you named tham yet?


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