January 2, 2011

The egg count is....

If anyone is wondering, the egg count for our little birdies is up to 4 this afternoon. Oh my.

I am off to do something creative.....I am not sure what that will be....but I am hopeful that I just might do something with the rest of this evening other than eat. Cross your fingers for me. lol.

Have fun with whatever you are doing tonight. Lisa


  1. Wow.....4 eggs! Did you know you were going to be grandparents so quickly? (I know nothing about birds)

  2. 4? wow! Hope you started a new project or picked up one that needed to be finished. It's terrible with the picking at the food, isn't it? I'm vowing to do better and get back to exercising myself. I feel so frumpy...
    Fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  3. Goodness~ those lil' birdies have been busy! *wink*
    I'm off to create too... first, I have to clean up the clutter in my sewing room. *UGH*


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