January 21, 2011

A look at my week...

Spent one evening working on the birthday card mission. I was able to borrow some of my mom's stamp sets. She was saying how she needed some new ones...I said "why don't we just swap for a while." So she brought me a big basket full on mon. night. I got started as soon as she and my dad left. It was a fun evening.
I liked this brown and blue together.
These were some of the other ones that I got done....Unfortunately, I ran out of double sided tape so they still need to be assembled.

I went to the thrift store on monday. Got this great old trowl for a dollar. Can't you just see this on a grapevine wreath hanging on my garden gate? I can. I also found some more ivy. I swear I think it is almost becoming a sickness. I have been getting so many artificial flowers lately. The little grapevine wreath will be another swing for the little finches.

Here are some pretty geraniums. Sorry for the blurry picture. I plan on putting these beauties up on the front porch to our pond shed. I usually plant some annuals up there and often neglect to water them. You know the rest of the story. hehe. I admit it. I tend to get lazy when it comes to watering plants. Next year problem solved. They look so real in person. I know that no one will know the difference. I think they will look great coming out of an old crock. One set is a deep red the other has more of a pink tint to it. How fun...

Sorry,,,more blurry pics. These placemats were 2 for a dollar. I thought they were cute. But The next picture has to be one of my all time best finds at a thrift store. Are you ready?

What a beauty...This is a table runner that I found weds. I just love it. It was only two dollars. I couldn't believe it. The fabric feels silky and there is no batting or quilting stitches but the colors are wonderful.

I have been limiting myself when it comes to buying wool. The thrift store that I have been going to every week has racks of clothes that are 50 cents. I have decided that for a while this is the only wool I need to buy for awhile. Did I mention that this will only be for "awhile?" hehe. Here is all I have gotten and I only have $4.50 invested. Yippee. I still need to felt all of it. But I figure I have alot more time than money soooo I don't mind. Thanks for sticking with me to the end. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to. I hope you have a great weekend. Lisa


  1. Love all your thrift store finds!!!!

  2. You are so good at finding deals. The wool looks nice. Love the cards--the blue and brown are great together. The cards look happy :)

  3. I can definitely see the trowel in a wreath. Hope you show it when you make it.. And wow, what GREAT thrift store finds you found!!! Really like the cards you are making too. what a way to get ahead... Good going.

  4. Lisa ~
    Your thrift stores much be much better than any around here. I ocassionally stop at the GW ~ mostly junk and not cheap, either.
    You have found some great items. You are smart to buy TS wool. It saves a ton of money, I am sure. I should try it in my spare time...lol!
    Love your cards!
    I hope you are staying warm.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Lisa,
    Glad you found my blog and visited! I have "friended" you as well as your blog is wonderful. Love the handmade cards and all the lovely treasures.
    Have a great week.

  6. Oh! I love the table runner, Lisa!! That was a great find along with the placemats.
    The wool fabric is very pretty- can't wait to see whatcha do with it!!
    That is great that you and your mom swapped stamps... I'm sure it felt like all new stuff for both of you.
    Your cards are turning out so pretty!


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