January 25, 2011

I think a bomb went off in my craft/sewing room.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by an area in your life? I have to admit that that is how I have been feeling about my craft room. It seems that since Christmas I have just been piling things up in there and not putting any thing away. (I am sure that is obvious by the pictures).
Here is another embarrassing shot.
This pile is what is supposed to be the top of my ironing/work station. It is hard to believe but it is under there somewhere.

Those pictures were taken on Sunday evening. I decided to start(and I emphasize Start) to organize and pick up this room. I thought if I showed some of the embarrassing before pics I would be more apt to actually finish. Sooooo.

This is what I worked on tonight after work. I was able to clear off my work area.

Here is another angle. Oh there is still so much more to do....

I picked up my stamp area also. I know that I would be sooo much more productive if this room was organized and the creative juices would just flow. So tomorrow night into Wed.(my day off) I am hoping to get a lot more done. I am counting on you wonderful blog buddies to hold my to it. So cross your fingers for me. I hope you are having fun with whatever you choose to do tonight. P.s. please don't call "Hoarders" I promise I will clean this up. lol.


  1. Love it! I think your room looks great. I wish I had a craft room!!

  2. I would love to have a craft room. Your photos remind me of my office except imagine piles of paper instead of fun craft supplies.

  3. Lisa ~
    You are off to a great job on organizing your craft room. It is so hard to keep it that way. My room is very small and I am constantly trying to unclutter ~ almost to no avail.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. *LOL* I think that same bomb goes off in my sewing room every day too, Lisa!!
    I have to pick up before I can start anything the next day~ I just can't work in clutter. (Probably because I can't FIND anything! haha)

  5. Oh, do I feel for you. I had the same problem and I took care of some of it...at least the room where I do the work is now all set up. Alas, I have a mess in my 3rd bedroom...fabric and stuff to go through and sort and organize. So, I am right there with you!

  6. Oh Lisa - messy or not it's a great room - looks like you have a lot of room - Mine is just a small room and it's always CLUTTERED - drives me nuts sometimes but what can you do!

  7. Lisa looks like you are a busy crafter!! I think that's typical of all our craft rooms when we're in the middle of projects. :) Regarding your question about the "linkwithin". It did that to me once as well. I would remove it, then sign back into linkwithin and re-load it. The other thing is once you've loaded it onto your blog save it then you can drag it where you want and save again.
    Glad to help in anyway I can.

  8. Hi Lisa,speaking of a 'bomb' going off in the house...years ago when I was a single-again mom of just one son the bomb went off in his room. wow! it was scary. He has been a pack rat for years. Now he is on his own and taking care of the after math of the current 'bomb' at his place.
    I have remarried and the bomb is everywhere now. lol I try to keep it contained to the room my husband uses as a tv room. But it crawls out and ends up in the living room on the chairs, on the bookshelves, IN the bookshelves, in the kitchen on the table, on the counter. On any clean empty surface in the house. :( I don't know what to do. I have tried everything even threats to just shove it all off into the trash lol. My goodness. Well, you are going a great job on your craft room. How is Trixie doing? Take care, happy blogging, Janet


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