March 16, 2011

I can't believe it has been so long....

It has been so long since I have posted anything. I have been checking up on all the fun blog that I love so much but when it came to mine.....I just didn't have anything to say. Then it got worse. Nothing that I had to say was good enough after such a long silence. I decided to stop being such a dork and just type something. So here it goes.

I haven't been up to much over here. I've been having trouble with my arm going numb for a couple months now and finally decided to go to a new chiropractor. The took a bunch of xrays and I have been going 3 days a week for about an hour and a half each time. I think that is the main reason for my absence in blog land. I don't have that much free time after the doc's. This is my third week. Not a whole lot of improvement yet. But I am hopeful that soon things will improve. I thought I would throw in a picture of a quilt for fun. We went to the Lake Farmpark Quilt show awhile back(2 or 3 weeks) They had a featured artist that was just incredible. This is hand quilted and hand appliqued. I will try to go thru my stuff and find the program and give her credit I can't remember her name right now. ( might be able to zoom in on the picture). I know that was pretty obvious. I am not sure if I should be driving today . hehe. Hope you have all been well. Lisa


  1. That's not good! I'll send healing thoughts to your arm! Is that your house surrounded by water? I thought maybe that's what you were going to say ~ that you had a flood!! That looks too close for comfort!! Take care of that arm!!!

  2. Oh Lisa, I've missed you! You can't just leave me like this anymore, ya hear? *giggle*
    I'm so sorry abut your arm... it must be so frustrating. When I worked in the dental office, my hand started going numb. In fact that was one reason I quit- it kept getting worse. I still have trouble out of it from time-to-time, but it's better tan it used to be.
    What a gorgeous quilt- I wish we had more quilt shows around here... about the only ones we have are when fair season rolls around. They have a pretty good one in Knoxville then, but that's about it.

  3. Gee, that's quite a lake you have got in front of your house. I thought maybe all the little birds had you busy. Any new photos?

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I know we haven't been following each other long...but I'm glad to see you back. I hear you about not having anything to say...then feeling "dorky" about it!! We can't be brilliant all the time! LOL I hope your arm feels better soon. Keep posting even though it seems mundane!! I'm here listening!

  5. Glad you checked in!! This time of the year is hard to come up with things to blog about. Sorry to hear about your arm. Hope it's better soon!!

  6. Lisa ~
    I hope your arm is doing better. So good to see a post from you!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. I can completely understand your blog break. That happens to all of us I think. Glad you are back though :) What a GREAT quilt. I mean beautiful. How are the baby birdies?


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