June 27, 2011

Alittle progress.

The last two days have been pretty productive. On Sunday afternoon, we painted the shutters on the house. We are both happy with the brown.

What do you think of my little can? I got it the other day at the flea market for a dollar.

Here is another shot. I changed some of the stuff out on the porch. Now I need to decide what color the paint the front door.

This is a close up of the shelf. I got the little box the other day. It is some kind of game, I just liked the box. The crow was also a thrift store buy. It was 35 cents. I tweeked it alittle. It originally perched straight on the stand. I made it stay at an angle. I changed the button eyes that were white to black. I also put some dried flowers around it's neck. I really like it. The only thing that I didn't get done was to cut some more yarrow to hang under the shelf. Maybe tomorrow. We also got the house and deck power washed. CHECK! I just love to check things off the to do list. I hope you enjoyed your day today. Thanks for stopping by. Lisa


  1. The house is looking great, Lisa! I love the color. The shelf looks great... I've been dying for some of those inside in our big room so I can cram them full of "stuff". (This may be why my hubby hasn't built any for me yet... *grin*)

  2. The porch looks great. Love the shutter paint! Way to go with that sweet crow. I like how you fixed it up! Can't wait to see the new door paint.


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