July 10, 2011

The New half Bath begins

Here is the before shot of our half bath. We weren't planning on working on this project for a while. The plan was to get the yard in order......Well. I was out shopping and found a great cupboard.....soooo. We were off and running.

Larry had a four day weekend over the fourth and let me tell you he has wasted no time. He removed the old floor, took out the little corner wall and moved the plumbing and vent pipe back. This added about a foot on to the room. The old toilet has been removed.

He cut the boards for the new floor and glued them down. He used left over rocks from the yard to hold them done while they dried. He patched the old drywall and studded the new wall and drywalled it.

Here is a shot of the cupboard I found. It was originally 493.00 and it was on sale for 100.00. Yippee. I painted it a flat black. The middle top cupboard front will hold a mirror. The other two doors on top will be glass or fabric. Haven't decided yet.

We were afraid that the cabinet wouldn't fit in the room so today before our dinner guests showed up we moved it just to see. Thank goodness it went right in.

This will be our sink and faucet. We found the pump on craigs list. It was 20.00. Larry had to cut some of the inside out with a torch so that the plumbing will fit. He still has to put in new bolts etc. These are just temp. Then it will be painted.

I just love the bowl. It will have a hole cut and drain installed soon. The handle will turn the water on and off. The temp. controls will be under the counter in the "drawer". It will look like a drawer but it will only be a front on hinges.

This is a fuzzy shot of the light I got for 4 dollars. This will be our light in the bathroom. Larry painted it for me today. Hopefully tomorrow. We will get the walls painted and more plumbing run. I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Have a good nite. Lisa


  1. Lisa ~
    Oh my goodness is your bathroom going to be fantastic. Lucky for you that hubby is so handy. Please keep us posted on your progress. The picture with all the rocks is too funny.
    LOVE your header pic.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Wow your husband is one talented worker! I love this bathroom redo...it's so creative. That cabinet is a great find and I love the black. I can't wait to see it all finished.

  3. What a handy husband you have! And to use his time off to do all of this, WOW :). I certainly hope you post after pictures for us. What an awesome deal you got on that cabinet, and I love your idea of the faucet and bowl. It's going to be great!!

  4. Ditto to all of the above!! This is one creative bath makeover!!! Can't wait to see the finish!!


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