June 22, 2011

Flower beds are a changing.

Last Sunday we worked on the front flower beds. The old over grown shrubs have been taken out and replaced with some smaller ones. We planted some grass along the edge that had been changed. Not sure if the clumps of ornament grass is going to perk up or not. If not we will try again. We have plenty of that. Marlee is checking it out. Most likely thinking...Did I pee on that today?
Here is the other side. I have a coneflower planted and some black eyed susans.

I just love the little step ladder we found in the trash. I have little pink flowers planted in the log and around the base of the ladder. However since the hard rain last night...Not many pink flowers open this morning. I put the ladder there to hide the hose and vents and other ugly stuff. I am going to put a metal bucket on the top of the ladder and see if it conceals more. If not we are on to plan B. I have a chicken crate/coop. I think if I stand it on end it might conceal more. Stay tuned.

Larry and I made a little house out of some windows from a trash find. The roof was made out of the screens.

Here is it's new home. We took out more overgrown shrubs out of the island on the side of the house. Larry has changed the edging and has grass planted.

Here is the view from the side street. The left side is mulched but the right side just got weeded on monday night. Took out a ton of lillies by the gas meter. Just put on a few. They should cover it up soon.

Hope you enjoyed the look around. Today's agenda is to finish my rug, re-do the front porch with some new thrift store finds, Maybe finish the porch swing and chairs. Better get going. Have fun with whatever you have to do today. Don't forget to smile! Lisa


  1. Lisa, your landscaping looks wonderful!
    You put me to shame... I haven't done a thing around the house as far as prettying things up in a while.
    I love the way the rock looks stacked up like that... gives me ideas. ;)
    Don't work too hard~ can't wait to see your rug progress!

  2. Hi Lisa ~ Love that litle house you guys put together! And the island that you put it in ~ you have been busy!!!

  3. Lisa ~
    Great job on all your projects! Looks good! I, too, love the little glass house.
    Let's see that rug progress.
    Hugs :)


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