June 23, 2011

One unwanted visitor and a finish

Can you see anything in this picture. This is the site out my back door yesterday morning at about 6:40 am. I had just seen Larry off to work and stayed at the door to see what was happening outside at this early hour. (hehe I usually get up at 8:00). I was startled by a huge winged creature. Yep...you might have guessed. It was a heron. It was casing my pond and my lovely fish.

Sorry for the blurr and the bad lighting. I wish I had time to go to another window for a better shot. He wasn't there long. He saw me and left. I keep looking now all the time. I don't worry about the fish too much since the water is 4 ft and them definately can get away. I just would like to get a closer look. I worry about my dogs if they got close.

Anyway, her she is. I have finished my sheep rug. All I need to do is bind it. I think I have a new project in mind.

I got this basket at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. It was only two dollars. I thought it would look cool with a hooked cover of some kind. I thought I could use it to carry my hooking stuff if I ever go to a hook- in again. Now just to decide what to put on the top. Something with wool in the title. Hummmmm.

Hope you are having fun tonight. Lisa


  1. Ok i see he herron! But i can't find the two little eyes in your header!!!!


    Hope to see you lot's more!

  2. Hi Lisa ~ cute little sheep mat! And a hooked lid on the basket is a great idea!!

  3. Lisa ~
    Love your little rug!
    I have been collecting vintage lidded picnic baskets so that I can hook mats for the top. I've gotten exactly zero done! I hope you are more productive than I am.
    Pug hugs :)


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