August 18, 2010

The New Toilet

Larry and I both wanted a high tank toilet but didn't want to spend the money for one. Surprise surprise.... So he decided to make one. This is what we came up with. There is two chains that you pull to flush the toilet. #1 and #2...Get it! Just one more thing that makes me smile. Does that mean I have a sick mind?Anyway... To cover all the plumbing he wanted to incase it all with wood. We had run out of stain when I was doing the cabinets...I didn't save the can....Thought I had the same I am going to try to fix this today. I don't like the way it looks now. I think I am going to paint over the stain with flat black paint with a dry brush. I thought it might look neat to make the tank cover look like an old crate. It seems like everything in this bathroom has been a do-it over and over again type of deal. So here we go again. Take two....or is it Four?

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