September 15, 2010

A few things to share

Well the fall rug is ready to be finished. Not sure how I am going to finish this one. I might try something different. Use a wool worm to wrap around the edge so to speak. I might as well try it and see how it goes, right? I decided to go with just a simple border. Mainly so I could move on and think about the next adventure. Today Larry took me to a wonderful store in Berlin Ohio. I was hoping to buy a frame to hook on. I am currently using a hoop type of thing and it is so big and so ackward. We however decided to look into just buying the grippers and making our own. Does anyone have any tips on frames they would like to share? I hate to go and buy something and then have regrets. I don't know if I need a stand. I usually sit on the couch indian style and I think I would be okay with a lap frame. I saw one that had an attachment for a lamp and for your wool cutter. Fancy... I like fancy... Oh well, this will not be decided tonight. Moving on.... Since I was disappointed leaving the store without a frame. Larry took me to a thrift store. He knows that will perk me right up. Boy do I sound BORING! Oh well, I am over it. I was able to find a new swan($2.50) and a new basket.($3.00) I think I am going to hook something to put on the top of the basket and make it into a hooking tote. I carry baskets for my purse often but this one is pretty deep. I think it would be better as a tote. It has a wooden handle that isn't in the picture.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just found your blog. I think you will like hooking with a lap frame. If you can, find one that tilts too. And if your hubby is handy, he could make one.

  2. I have always hooked with a quilt frame but am very interested to know if I might like a lap frame. I will look forward to hearing what you think about yours! Oh and I linked your blog to mine!


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