October 29, 2010

Hey! These trees grew overnight.

Well, my little trees went in pretty easily. I had to outline them with the light blue. I am not sure if it looks right. I planned to continue the whole sky pattern around the trees, but then you couldn't see the tree branches. So I unhooked and used the light blue. What do you think. Is there more unhooking that should take place? I need to draw another sheep. The current one looks goofy. I also have to come up with a pattern to do in the 3" border. Maybe scallops or half square triangles. Who knows. I just might wing it.

Topic change: Isn't it a bummer that we don't get to continue to feel like we are twenty? I swear my knees have aged about 30 years. I went to get out of my car after driving home from my 10 hour day on my feet and I walked like a 90 year old. My dear husband thought it was very funny. So uncool. Of course it is a totally different story when he has to walk alot during his work day. His famous line is he was on his feet all day. lol... This is intended to be funny. I hope I don't sound bitter or grouchy.

Well, it is time to hook alittle. I hope you have a great weekend. Do something fun....

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  1. LOL Yeah, I felt a little like 90 this weekend too!


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