October 27, 2010

I put up a fence today

Welllll, maybe not a real fence but I did make a fence on my current rug project. I haven't worked on this for a long time. I had a wonderful day today. Larry had to work on some equipment for work. He did this in our driveway, soooo I set up a chair out in the sunshine with him and started hookin'. I got quite a bit done. This evening was hard.
This evening we went to calling hours for a little 3 year old boy. I had never met him or his parents. Larry and I are friends of his great grandparents. He had been sick for some time. I am not sure the perticulars. I was told that they had just taken him to a check up two weeks ago and were told that he should be past a critical time. They always said if he could make it past three years he would probably live a semi-normal life. What a shock this must have been. I had never seen a baby coffin. His parents looked like kids themselves. I just have such a heavy heart for them all. The little boy has a twin brother. I have mentioned all this so that if you think of them please keep them in prayer. The funeral is at 12:30 tomorrow.
I am sorry if I put a burdon on your heart. I just feel so bad for them. I am so blessed. I am ashamed at what I consider to be a big deal. God bless you.


  1. What a terrible tragedy. I'm sure the family appreciated the support of your visit.

  2. I will put the family in my prayers.

    and I have a question regarding an earlier post on the "twister" pinwheel quilt you are making. Have you tried the template yet and if so do you like it? I am considering buying one and would like to hear from someone who has used one. jleibfried@aol.com

  3. Oh my, Lisa- how sad about the little boy. I have only seen a child's coffin once, and it was awful.
    Love the fence! That is going to be sooo cute when you're finished!

  4. Oh how sad! I can't imagine losing one of my 'kids' and they are adults!

    Great job on your rug, am impressed!


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