October 18, 2010

Sunday Summed Up

Sunday was a fun day. I got up early and cooked a nice breakfast for Larry. This suprised him because he is usually the one to make breakfast on Sundays and he usually has to work at getting me out of bed. Not sure what happened. We spent the whole day inside and it wasn't even raining or cold. We just did some little jobs around the house and just rested all day. It was fun.( Oh wait, I already said that) I spent most of the afternoon picking up my sewing room and occasionally stopped to check out what my bloggy friends were doing? hehe. I was going to post a pic of my sewing room, the newly picked up version, but decided it still wasn't picked up enough. Maybe another time. I was able to fold up my wool and put it in a cabinet that I had in the basement. I was happy to get that organized alittle. I still have a lot upstairs that I am using on my current project.

I also started sewing some charms together to try out my new "lil twister" template. I was on a role when Carlee came running into my sewing room, at a 100 miles an hour, carrying a stuffed animal in the shape of a beagle puppy that was making snoring noices. As she run under my sewing table she hit the cord to my iron. It fell on the floor and broke. Soooo no iron-no more sewing today. This is what I got done so far.
I guess the next step, after I get an iron, is to sew on the borders and then cut out the pinwheel blocks. I thought I would make a little version first to see how I do. Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and that you are enjoying your monday. See ya later it is time to get ready for work.

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