October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well, all 40 circles are sewn. It didn't take long at all. I am happily surprised. I was planning to paint the frame with a black paint and frame the piece and that was that. Now I think it needs something, maybe a saying on top or something. So I will continue to look at it on and off and see what inspires me.
I got this lovely wool at a thrift store a couple weeks ago and thought it would make a cute stuffed pumpkin. Now I am wondering if I should make a penny rug out of it. Do you think it would be too busy? I thought I could use mostly black and just use this as the scallops on the ends and maybe an inset piece on the top. SOooooo one more thing to think about. I always do this.

I am excited about working on my new pattern by Whimsicals. I posted about it on Wed. I thought I would show you the last pattern I did of hers. I messed up on the letters when I made this years ago. I didn't reverse the letters before I ironed on the fusible web and I had used up almost all the material soooo I just made do with them. You might not have noticed but I let the cat out of the bag anyway. I am still happy with this little wall hanging. I took it down to put a fall one up. Just thought I would have alittle show and tell.

I hope whatever you are doing, you are having fun. Goodnite


  1. You must have a lot of patience - you got all 40 circles sewn quickly. It looks great.

  2. Lisa you are SOOOO talented!!
    I love all your woolsies and someday I sure hope to learn how to rug hook.
    The pics of your critters on your sidebar are stealin my heart. Love your little "OLD MAN." How old is Marley?
    Where do you find all your wool? LOVE IT! I keep tellin my friend Katie I've gotta give rug hookin a try.
    Okay, I'm off to sign up for that COOL floor cloth!
    I love it here!


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