November 19, 2010

My First Hook In!

Today I went to my first hookin. I had a blast. I have seen the pictures of other hook ins and have always been so envious of the ladies that can go to these. Now I know what it is like. I am so thankful to Alice for sharing it on her blog and then being so nice to allow me to join in the fun.
The ladies were so nice and welcomed this newbee so graciously. I was pretty nervous. When I got home I decided to felt some more wool. This is some of the latest thrift store finds. The rest are still in the washer and the dryer. They look so much better in person.

I sometimes buy jackets if I like the colors. They are more work and there is alot of waste. The back has interfacing on it so it isn't any good for hooking. I was getting a pretty nice stack. The intention was to make a tree skirt with the pieces of wool with the interfacing on it. This is my first attempt. I cut the squares 3". It is a little tree. I think it turned out cute. I was glad I got alittle bit of sewing in since it is Friday night Sew in. Did you get any sewing done tonight? I would love to see what you did.
I hope you had as nice of a day as I had. Thanks again Alice. You made my day....maybe it will last all next week. lol....


  1. You made that adorable skirt in your hook in? Wow! That is so cute-you could sell those for a good price I bet :)

  2. No I made it at home after a wonderful day at the hookin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hook in's are fun aren't they! I don't get the chance to go often but when I do, I have a blast. Great thrift store finds and I love the tree skirt too!!!

  4. So glad you came and I do see that you felt your wool!! That was a dumb question before I checked in on your blog!! That little tree skirt is darling!! Hope to see you again real soon and very glad that you had a good time! Hookers are very fun!

  5. Great little tree skirt you made! And how smart of you to use the 'unuseable' wool - I always just throw it away! Glad you had fun at your hook-in - I like the hooked rug that you've been working on!

  6. Lisa ~
    Cute little tree skirt.
    How lucky that you got to go hook with Alice. She is a hoot. I just love that girl!
    Hugs :)

  7. Wow, that sounds like fun, Lisa! I'm always intimidated going to something for the first time too, so I know how you must have felt. Sounds like a very nice bunch of ladies welcomed you with open arms... that's always nice!
    Sounds like you have been very busy- you're putting me to shame! :)


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