December 24, 2010

I am not ready...Are you?

Well, Here is some pictures of my productive evening Wed. night. I got alot of baking done. This is a tray for Larry's boss.

These are the little goodie bags I made up for the people that work in my department.

They turned out pretty cute for something I did at 2 in the morning. lol

This is one of my thrift store finds. I just thought he was cute.

This was the best deal though. It is so pretty. It has a date on the bottom that is carved into the finish. 1979. It was 3.00. Jackpot. I have got so much more to do yet.....I need to get it into gear and get going. That is if I don't want to be up til 2 am again. (or later) I hope you are all enjoying your evening. That's all for now. Hopefully I can give an update later.


  1. Merry Christmas Lisa. Your little goodie bags look great. Your co-workers will be thrilled to get some home-made treats.

  2. Ugh- I am so jealous of the coffee pot, Lisa!! It is gorgeous! I was going to ask where you got it after I saw it in the first picture, but you answered me in the last one. I'm trying not to be the same color of the pot with envy... *LOL*
    The treats and goodie bags look delicious!


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