January 26, 2011

How was your day?

Here is a shot of Maddee resting after a long day. How cute.
Today was a fun day at the thrift store. I found some cute fabric. It was various small segments from a 1/4 yard to a yard. 25 cents-1.00 for the yard. Yippee. They all go pretty well together. Just might have to look into a wall hanging or something.

I worked in the sewing/craft room a little. I changed the way things were arranged on the shelves and changed out the fabric. I am happy with how they are looking.
There is still alot to do but it is definitely better that it was.

I just hung up a couple things. I used the nails that were already in the wall since when I did this part it was 1:30 in the morning. I didn't think Larry would appreciate the hammer at that hour.

This is my paper caddy. I love how easy and accessible it is. We made it out of an old file cabinet. It is the kind that you use hanging folders with. We spray painted a wire basket and hooked it to the wheeled cabinet and voila. I love it and when I don't need it I just roll it under the table. I hope you had fun today. Did you get any thing crafty done? If so let me know. Thanks for stopping by. I hope my story didn't bore you. Lisa


  1. Loooks like you're making progress! YAY!

  2. Wow! Miss Organized!! Please come over to my house Lisa, I still haven't picked up after that last bomb. hehe
    I love those little snippets of fabric- I buy them all the time (when I can find them) at JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. They're great for little projects like doll clothes.

  3. You are so on top of it and organized--I am so not :( Good for you lady!


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