February 5, 2011

I love my man

Every morning I do some chores before I go to work. I have to feed the dogs, birds, put dishes in the dishwasher...you know the drill. Then I get ready for work, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I eat as I am driving to work....Yesterday, I got the jar of peanut butter out of the cupboard and it was empty. I thought to myself, why did Larry put it back in the cupboard. It was EMPTY. I saw the new jar behind it on the shelf but I hate to pull on the safety seal. I ususally can't get it so I decided to have a bologna sandwich instead. Why get irritated. Just have something else.

So this morning, I am still in bed and I hear Larry in the kitchen making his lunch. He wakes me up and asks "Why didn't you eat a peanut butter sandwich yesterday?" I thought to myself....I know he didn't just wake me up to ask me that. Yep. He did. So I told him I didn't want to open the new jar. WHY I asked. He said cuz I opened it up for you and I wrote I love you in the peanut butter...AWWWWWW. I got out of bed and asked him "where is it?" He had already dug into it and the message was gone. But I just love that about him. I thought about it all day. I am so blessed. I hope you have a good weekend. Lisa


  1. How sweet! Now that man is a keeper!

  2. Joanne is so right! How romantic :)

  3. What a guy!!! it's the little things like that, that keep a marriage going. He's definitely a keeper :)

  4. Awwwww!!!
    Thanks for the eyeball washing, Lisa~ that is so sweet!


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