February 17, 2011

The things you miss while you are at work.

Tonight Larry showed up at my place of work. He said that he had taken the dogs out for a run. He said that it wasn't that great of an idea. He reminded me that it was very muddy out. Soooo while I was finishing my shift he was giving all three of our lovely dogs a bath. I am so sorry that I missed out on that fun. hehe.

Wasn't it great to breath in the spring like air? It was fun to think about new projects for spring. What is your plans? Anything exciting?

I can't believe I have so many projects started. I don't make myself finish one before I start another....but this is crazy. I have a big rug to bind, I started a wall hanging and a throw size quilt. I have an applique and a tabletopper all going at one time. I think I need professional help. Just kidding. I guess I just need to get serious.

I hope you are having a great night. I am glad you stopped by.

I tried to get some new pics of the baby birdies but the momma and daddy are getting really protective. They kept sitting on top of them in the nest. Wow. I have been holding the babies for the last two days but tonight they were having none of that. So maybe tomorrow I can get a cute picture. Thanks for stopping by. Night!


  1. I am like you I have project started all over my craft room. I am ADD crafter. Makes crafting more interesting. Just I never seem to get a project done. One of these days I will. Have a good day tomorrow. Cindy

  2. Hi Lisa....stopped by your blot for a visit. I just love your dogs...adorable!! Finish those projects...I would love to see them!!!


  3. I'll bet you would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at bathtime, Lisa! *hehe*
    I'm surprise the birdie mommy and daddy are just now getting protective~ I figured they would have been that way from the start.
    By the way~ I love the picture of Carlee with the sock!!


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