September 9, 2010

This is a wreath that I found at the thrift store recently. The plan was to take off the flowers and replace it with some other flowers that I found. The wreath base is twigs..which I love. I really like the narley ones but this one was still cute. The more I looked at it I thought I might just add some more flowers with alittle more color and call it a night. I just don't know if it looks good or not. I still might need to start over. I am planning on putting it in our bedroom over the headboard.
What do you think ? Start over or leave it for now? I think a bow might finish it off. I don't have anything right now though. Oh well, I think it is time for bed. There is always tomorrow...for these tough decisions. lol Night!


  1. Hi Lisa! Love your wreath! I was thinking today that I need a new one for the front door. I really like the flowers you added. So pretty. The weddings at the Farm are coming along. I have alot to learn, but so far so good. Weddings sure are expensive these days. Seems like there should be better ways to spend money. Have a blessed day today!

  2. Hi Lisa! So nice stopping by to meet you! I am liking the wreath already! And I am loving those three pups on your sidebar! What kind of dog is Marley? That little face has a familiar look to me.

    Thank you for visiting my place and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, Lorraine


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