October 11, 2010

Looks Like I will be making a Baby Quilt

Just found out that a lady that I work with is going to have another baby. Her oldest daughter just got married this past summer and her youngest child is 10 and she is a couple months pregnant. I would have been alittle freaked out but she seemed very happy. I am glad for her. I haven't decided if I will wait til she finds out if it is a boy or girl or if I will just make a quilt for either sex and just start now. I am known as a bit of a procrastinator so who knows.

I can't believe the difference in the fall color just over the last 3 days. There is beauty all over the place. God is good. Have a great night everyone.

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  1. I agree- it seems like the leaves have changed here overnight! We still have a little way to go before full color, but it will be soon.
    And you're right, Lisa- God is good.


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